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The Collège De Paris

Eucléa is a member of the Collège de Paris, whose mission is to make excellence accessible to all. All Collège de Paris schools share three core values: international openness, educational excellence and individualized student support.


Collège de Paris trains three target
groups: young people, employees and


Youth training

By offering intra-bac and post-bac training courses up to Bac+5 in all areas of education throughout France. With a wide range of areas of expertise to meet the challenges and trends of today’s professions: digital, management, luxury goods, fashion, design, marketing, retail, healthcare, tourism, IT, secretarial work…

All courses are offered on a work-study basis to help students enter the workforce, and are available in English or French.

Employee training

Continuing professional development offers a wide range of services to meet the demands of the professional world.

Within the framework of the Personal Training Account (CPF) and/or a skills development plan, continuing training enables us to meet these challenges, and to offer a fully personalized service tailored to each project.


Training for jobseekers

Helping young people and adults in difficulty to find employment, and foreign nationals by assisting them with their projects.

Tailor-made courses and personalized teaching formats are offered to suit every profile and career desire.

Member schools
of Collège de Paris

Alongside Eucléa Business School, Collège de Paris comprises over 80 member schools. These schools share common values and a common vision of the world of education.


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